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Sunday, November 15, 2009

From a Flight on Sunday, November 15, 2009...

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Interstate 80 eastbound near Netcong, NJ - CLOSED:

And here's the reason why:

This is the damage and suffering it caused for those poor folks traveling eastbound around noon:

A deck of low clouds and fog over the lower Hudson Valley of NY, and it never burned away:

Looking to the south, you can see where it begins to break apart; a very interesting phenomenon this was, and to be treated to a weather formation like this was truly unique for us:

Looks like a big SMILE from Mother Nature as if she was saying, enjoy your flight south as we were flying "away" from the cloud/fog bank:

After departing Orange County airport in Montgomery, NY, you can see the interesting weather formation just to the north:

Warwick airport in Warwick, NY, on the shores of a mirror lake:

Berkshire Valley Golf course, running parallel to Green Pond:

Thanks for Flying along and I hope you've enjoyed the Flight....

See You Soon !!!