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Monday, March 22, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, March 21, 2010...

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City of Morristown, NJ:

Cemetery nearby the city of Morristown, NJ:

Interchange of State Route 10 and Interstate 287:

Swampy terrain near Fairfield, NJ, one week after a major rain event:

Residential villa amongst modest, untidy neighbors:

A lake that's holding on to its cover of ice in Mt. Pocono, PA, despite the warm weather for this time of year:

At Hazleton airport, we came across an "apparition" of an airplane, used for fighting forest fires and such. It's a turbo-prop that is manufactured in Poland (Flyin Phil pictured with the aircraft):

One of the airports that we landed at but did not stop was in Quakertown, PA:

And finally, a "Beast" of an airplane was found at Sky Manor airport in Pittstown, NJ, and is called the Twin Bonanza (C-50), manufactured by Beechcraft:

Thanks for Flying along and I hope you've enjoyed the Flight...

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