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Monday, July 19, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, July 18, 2010...

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This is a BIG post with a whopping 38 photos, though it was difficult to pick only the "Highlights" from Sunday's flight. The weather was a bit hazy up there, but the pay-off was a smorgasbord of visual delights from none other than the "Jersey Shore", along with other sights from around the Garden State....Please enjoy !!!

Wedge-shaped office buildings off Route 1 in Princeton:

A colorful material yard on Route 130 near Hightstown:

This was the last operating day of the Great American Scream Machine (GASM) coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. It is being removed to make way for a larger attraction for the 2011 operating season:

The massive, wooden coaster El Toro at Great Adventure in Jackson:

Still on the Great Adventure property, this is the newest attraction, Tornado (the giant, multi-colored Funnel) located in their Hurricane Harbor water park adjacent to the theme park:

Hangar 1 (large one on left) and other smaller hangars at the Naval Air Engineering Center in Lakehurst. This is the location where the Hindenburg caught fire and crashed in 1937:

The next FIVE photos feature Tices Shoal, located off of Island Beach State park and near the shore of the Barnegat Bay. This view is looking southwest:

Looking west:

Looking north towards Seaside Park/Heights:

A "Massive" number of watercraft were present in Tices Shoal:

Zooming in a bit further we see many happy boaters enjoying much in the way of water sports:

One of the pavilions with beach lifeguards in Island Beach State park:

Over Island Beach State park, the Jersey Shore (looking south):

Over the entrance to Island Beach State park, the Jersey Shore (looking north):

Funtown pier and amusements @ Seaside Heights:

Boardwalk and the Midway Steak House (yellow roof building) @ Seaside Heights:

Casino amusement pier and boardwalk @ Seaside Heights:

A myriad of beach cottages for rent (and most likely ALL rented for the summer) in Lavallette:

Another view of these cottages, in greater detail:

Boating channel connecting the northern Barnegat Bay with the Manasquan River / Inlet:

A packed beach would be an understatement describing the scene at Point Pleasant:

Point Pleasant beach and Manasquan inlet looking south:

Fishing and pleasure boats @ Point Pleasant, adjacent to many fine seafood restaurants such as the Shrimp Box (top-center):

The newly transformed Asbury Park boardwalk and amusement area, greatly improved for your summertime vacationing pleasure (or so it seems):

Just an interesting building arrangement in the general shape of an arrow, pointing south along the shoreline:

A spectacular condo/townhouse complex with brilliantly, orange colored roofs:

This next condo/townhouse complex even has its own boardwalk, shops, underground parking area and entertainment complex....NICE:

Historic "Twin Lights" in the Atlantic Highlands, looking southwest:

Yup, the same "Twin Lights" (looking northeast):

The Route 36 bridge construction project is nearing completion, but not before backing up traffic for over a mile:

Work continues on the Route 36 bridge as you can see:

From the tip of Sandy Hook, looking south:

A small townhouse community located on the tip of Sandy Hook:

Again, from the tip of Sandy Hook, looking southeast....And note that the housing development above can be seen in the lower-center of this photo:

Sandy Hook and the Raritan Bay looking southeast:

Keansburg amusement park on the north shore of the Raritan Bay:

A section of the Garden State Parkway, complete with local and express lanes, looking south:

And our last highlight is of Rutger's NEW football stadium in New Brunswick....Mighty Pretty:

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this pictorial display of our fun-filled, picturesque and exciting Garden State, better known as New Jersey.

See you on the next flight !!!