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Monday, September 6, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, September 5, 2010...

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This day's flight was to Bay Bridge airport on Maryland's Kent Island. We stowed our folding, motorized bikes and enjoyed a couple of hours riding along the island and taking in the scenery. But before and after biking, we were treated to a plethora of summertime landscapes as you will soon discover....Please enjoy !!!

Prison/Correctional Facility near Bordentown, NJ:

Private airstrip near Burlington, NJ:

Corn maze (center) and an array of farm fields in Burlington County, NJ:

Delaware River near Salem, NJ:

Massey Aerodrome in Massey, Maryland:

Shooting range in Maryland:

Bay Bridge airport in Stevensville, MD (Kent Island):

Kent Island, Maryland, looking southeast:

Kentmorr Airpark in Stevensville, MD (Kent Island):

Route 50 & Route 301 over the Chesapeake Bay (Bay Bridge), MD:

Hey look, we flew right over Boston and Cape Cod, MA, or at least it looks like it....Dad spotted this neat sight and I couldn't resist a picture:

An immaculate private airstrip in Maryland...There were a multitude of these private strips throughout eastern Maryland and all were pristine looking:

Yup, another private airstrip in where else, but Maryland:

Wait, could it be, yes, it's another picturesque private airstrip in the lovely state of Maryland:

No explanation needed for this next picture in Maryland:

Finally, a break from the airstrips....This field looks lightning bolts are shooting out of the woods and into the field itself:

Here we go again, though this time the private airstrip is PAVED, a rare sight indeed:

One of the many oil/container ships traveling the Delaware river to and from Philadelphia, PA:

Salem nuclear power plant in Salem, NJ:

The marsh land can sure provide for some interesting formations:

I just thought this intersection looked interesting near Berlin, NJ:

An "Airport-Shaped" pool at the Flying W airport in Lumberton, NJ:

A massive cookie-cutter housing complex near Burlington, NJ:

That same housing development as above, except in more "cookie-cutter" detail:

Revelation Generation Music Festival in Hunterdon County, NJ:

Crowds gather to watch the many singers/bands play at Revelation Generation:

It sure was a spectacular flight, and I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them...

See you soon on our next journey !!!