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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, October 10, 2010...

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The following photos were ALL shot within the state of Pennsylvania.....Enjoy !!!

Center Valley Golf Club, Center Valley, PA:

Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station on the Susquehanna river, south of Harrisburg:

Harrisburg International airport, just south of the actual city of Harrisburg:

Harrisburg International airport with the Three Mile Island facility in the distance:

Harrisburg International airport:

Capital City airport, across the Susquehanna river from Harrisburg:

Some disheveled looking farm fields near Carlisle:

Carlisle airport:

Carlisle airport with a housing development parallel & in close proximity to the runway:

One of America's favorite home centers....The Home Depot, in Carlisle
(Note that I have no affiliation with this retailer whatsoever):

West Shore Country Club in Camp Hill:

Harrisburg's many Susquehanna river crossings; some still viable and others abandoned or derelict:

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's State Capital, looking north:

Again, looking north at the many bridge crossings of the Susquehanna river:

Train station in Harrisburg, with the State Capital visible at the top of the photo:

Harrisburg Transportation Center in more detail:

Pennsylvania State Capital complex in Harrisburg, looking northwest:

One last look to the west at Harrisburg:

Interchange of I-81, Route 22 & Route 322 in Harrisburg:

Sewage treatment plant, and is that a Blue Cupola I see? Strange...Probably only a holding tank of some sorts:

The Great Bear coaster @ Hershey Amusement Park:

An overview of Hershey Park, looking north:

The Hershey Chocolate factory:

Nice lawn and shrub arrangement @ Hershey:

Millard airport in Annville, now CLOSED:

HHmmm, another sewage treatment facility, with an architectural array of holding tanks:

A mini weather front we passed flying both west, and now east as shown below:

Kutztown airport (now CLOSED), with it's looming quarry on the approach end of one of the runways:

Queen City airport in Allentown:

Rail yard in Allentown:

The new Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem:

One final look at the Sands:

There you have it, a smorgasbord of life in east-central Pennsylvania on this Fall day, and a unique day at that (10/10/10)...

Hope you enjoyed the flight - See you soon !!!