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Friday, December 31, 2010

From a Flight on Thursday, December 30, 2010...

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This first photo shows how a light covering of snow in northern-central NJ makes for an interesting landscape, as you will also see in the remainder of the photos:

Housing developments southeast of Princeton, NJ:

Trenton-Robbinsville airport, NJ:

Six Flags Great Adventure (looking east) in Jackson, NJ:

Housing development in Jackson, NJ:

The streets in this community near the Jersey Shore remain largely un-plowed, even three days after the Blizzard of 2010:

A marina inundated with snow and locked in ice:

One of the many fine restaurants near the Jersey Shore looking so desolate with a lack of watercraft that populate the area in the warmer months:

The Jersey Shore (over Point Pleasant & looking south):

An ice-covered Barnegat Bay, albeit only a thin, broken layer of ice over much of it:

These next two photos were shot over the Barnegat Bay near Mantaloking, NJ (looking east):

A vast housing development just south of Toms River, NJ, with many streets plowed very poorly:

Housing development near Willingboro, NJ:

And just to test the 20x zoom on my camera, Willingboro's water tower, shot from an altitude of just over 2,000 feet:

New Rodgers road/Reed street Bridge over the Delaware river in
Bristol, PA / Burlington, NJ:

Maple Beach area of Bristol, PA, along the Delaware river:

A clock tower poised high atop a factory near Bristol, PA:

A Levittown, PA housing development, with its perfectly aligned streets and equally spaced homes:

Don't ask me....I just though it looked interesting (near Levittown, PA):

Now back over Lambertvile, NJ, looking across the Delaware river at New Hope, PA:

Notice the reflection of the clouds on the still water of the Delaware:

This church in Stockton, NJ has a Metallic Steeple....Interesting:

The Delaware river winding its way through Bucks county, PA / Hunterdon county, NJ:

A vast, lightly snow-covered, Bucks county, PA landscape:

Van Sant airport in Erwinna, PA with its grass runway:

Trees, Trees and more Trees:

A country road winding through Bucks county, PA:

A landscape that caught my eye as offering much to examine and wonder just what each snow-covered area of this field represents:

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this LAST Flight of 2010....and a long one at that, offering lovely, snow-covered views that I really wanted to share with everyone.

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy & Healthy 2011 !!!

See you next year...