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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From a Flight on Monday (Memorial Day), May 30, 2011...

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Hi and Welcome to my Memorial Day 2011 flight, though it's a week late. And note that ALL of these photos were shot within our beautiful Garden State, namely New Jersey !!!

The day was filled with a plethora of visual delights ranging from solar panel-covered parking lots to an uber-crowd-packed Point Pleasant beach on the Jersey Shore. I hope you enjoy....

Solar Panel-Covered parking lot off of Route 1 near Princeton:

Each row of the parking lot had an array of Solar Panels situated above; Free electricity for the company and shade / snow protection for your car...Nice:

Sports complex north of Plainsboro:

Office park near Cranbury:

Looks like a State Police building with an adjacent Heliport, near the Jamesburg exit of the New Jersey Turnpike:

Some larger homes I thought would look nice in a photo:

This is a summer recreation area north of Six Flags Great Adventure that I have yet to identify (If you know, please email me):

Massive housing development (most likely for seniors) east of the Garden State Parkway south of Toms River:

These next two photos feature Barnegat Bay-Front homes that looked very attractive, though there are thousands more just like them:

An area near Point Pleasant on the Barnegat bay; Notice every square inch of land is utilized for something:

Hey, all of our "bodily stuff" has to go some place:

Ah, the Barnegat Bay (looking South at the Route 37 Bay Bridge):

Western shore of the Barnegat Bay southeast of Toms River:

Ah, the Jersey Shore, looking north from the entrance to Island Beach State Park:

Funtown Amusement Pier @ Seaside Heights:

Let's stop for a sausage & pepper sandwich and a cheese steak at The Mid-way Steakhouse, mid-way (of course) between Funtown & Casino piers in Seaside Heights:

Casino Amusement Pier in Seaside Heights:

Seaside Heights with its two amusement piers:

Route 37 dumping traffic into the Seaside Heights area:

This is some array of rental beach homes:

And even more impressive from a distance:

Parking lots are packed for Point Pleasant amusements:

Now this is what I meant about an Uber-Crowd-Packed Point Pleasant Beach; in particular, Jenkinsons (I believe):

Looking south at the Manasquan Inlet and Point Pleasant; note the Oregon Scientific ATC9K Action Cam attached to the wing strut. This is a mount I designed to shoot video of our take-offs and landings, and other areas of interest, all remotely from the cockpit. It works well, and I will post these videos to my website in the near future:

Manasquan Inlet and Point Pleasant:

Again, an Uber-Crowd-Packed Point Pleasant beach:

A different view of the Manasquan Inlet and the river dumping into it:

Sports fields and museum in Sea Girt, just north of the Manasquan Inlet:

Ok, we're away from the Jersey Shore now, and I spotted this colorful little gem of a pool complex and nursery/garden adjacent to it:

The New Jersey Turnpike (looking South) with enormous distribution centers on either side:

Again, a corporate park / distribution centers sandwiched between the New Jersey Turnpike and State Route 130 near Jamesbury & Cranbury:

A new private villa-type home southeast of Manville:

And last but not least, yet another solar field, only this time no cars are parked beneath:

Whew, what a flight, but that was amazing to see so much is so little time. Dad and I never take for granted that we are able to fly freely over the Garden State and I can photograph such a vast array of picturesque landscapes, then share them with the world.

See you after the next flight....