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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From a Flight on Monday (Independence Day), July 4, 2011...

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Hi everyone and welcome to my 2011 Independence Day Feast of Summer Photos. A whopping 40 photos await, with many featuring our beloved Jersey Shore. I hope you enjoy.

[NOTE: All Photos, minus (2) of Sesame Place and (1) of a Housing Complex on the Delaware River, were shot within the state of New Jersey]


Merck corporation in Whitehouse Station:

School with Solar Energy Panels covering the roof, near Somerville:

Marshy area near the Raritan River in Edison:

The Driscoll Bridge (Garden State Parkway on the left / Route 9 on the right):

Keansburg Amusement Park in Keansburg, on the south shore of the Raritan Bay:

Earle Naval Weapons Station reaching far into the Raritan Bay (near Sandy Hook):

One of the many Jersey Shore resort pools, this one with an emblem at the bottom:

These next (2) photos show the various larger Condo/Hotel structures present along the Jersey Shore (these were near Long Branch):

Street Festival along Ocean Drive; note the hundreds of small tents set-up next to one another:

Some more impressive Condo/Hotel/Private Residencies along the Jersey Shore (all near Long Branch):

Asbury Park beach, where the famous Casino (you can still see the concrete pad remaining) and Palace Amusements were once present:

Ocean Grove with its Victorian style homes:

Manasquan Inlet & Point Pleasant (right):

Point Pleasant (Jenkinson's Beach) was the most crowd-packed I have ever seen it:

Ocean Beach homes in Lavallette:

And look who we caught up with....The Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blimp nearing Seaside Heights:

The sprawling metropolis of Seaside Heights, complete with Casino Pier/Water Park (lower-left) and Funtown Pier (upper-right):

Casino Pier/Water Park in Seaside Heights:

The distinctly yellow Midway Steak House, midway of course, between Casino and Funtown Piers:

Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights:

Seaside Park (right) ends abruptly at the entrance to Island Beach State Park (left):

The only two beach areas with comfort pavilions and life guards within Island Beach State Park:

And here we have Tice's Shoal, with a record number of boaters present (at least in the past fifteen years we have been flying over this area) on the Barnegat Bay side of Island Beach State Park:

Again, more detail of Tices Shoal:

And zooming-in further at Tices Shoal, we see one of the many Raft-Ups taking place:

Sticking out like a sore thumb in Bayville on Lakeside Blvd is this structure on the shores of a perfectly oval lake...

If anyone can identify this please email me at

A typical Holiday City senior housing complex in Toms River:

Flying away from the Jersey Shore and the Pine Barrens, this field looks like a patch of hardwood flooring in my dining room:

Again, another impressive landscape in southern New Jersey:

Junk Yard and School Bus Yard adjacent to Camden County airport in Berlin (New Jersey, of course):

This here is some sort of lake community where most if not all of the surrounding homes have private sandy beaches. Location is near Cross Keys, due southeast of Camden:

Like I said, private sandy beaches:

I call this shopping area near Cross Keys "Asphalt City"...I'm sure you can see why:

These next (2) colorful photos show Sesame Place children's park in Langhorne, PA:

Of course Sesame Place was packed on July 4th:

An Condo/Townhome complex on the PA side of the Delaware River, south of New Hope:

A future Solar Thermal Energy farm near Frenchtown:

And last but not least, a private estate in Hunterdon County (what a property):

Yes, it was another incredible journey throughout the Garden State, with a slight detour into Pennsylvania. I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them. Stay tuned for more Flight Highlights !!!