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Thursday, October 6, 2011

From a Flight on Thursday, October 6, 2011...

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If you are enthralled by the sight of lush landscapes via automobile, then I know you are going to love these highlights featuring a number of rich, lush and awe inspiring landscapes in and around eastern Pennsylvania. In addition to these landscapes, I have a few other "goodies" as well. Please Enjoy !!!

Decorative field patterns in eastern PA:

I am still trying to figure out what all of those cuts in the brush are for at the perimeter of the main field:

Willow Hollow Golf Course in Leesport, PA:

Circular complex in Leesport, PA:

Berks County Prison in Leesport, PA:

Lake and terraced landscapes near Leesport, PA:

The following nine photos are simply unbelievable in terms of the graceful, flowing lines that the crops follow (kind of reminds my wife of one of our carpets at home):

Housing development west of Quakertown, PA:

The next two photos show the town of Quakertown, PA:

Private residence east of Quakertown, PA with its own solar field and wind turbine:

Boats-a-plenty at Lake Nockamixon, PA:

Unusual pattern within a stand of trees in Ottsville, PA:

"Sliced" fields near Erwinna, PA:

And finally, the mighty Delaware River (looking north) and a rather large flood plain near Erwinna, PA:

I still cannot get over the beauty of those "Flowing" fields. A lot of folks make fun of Pennsylvania, but it truly is a beautiful state as these photos demonstrate.

See you on the next flight...