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Sunday, December 4, 2011

From a Flight on Saturday, December 3, 2011...

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It's been a while since my last "Highlights" post, so following are (40) entertaining aerials I hope you find enjoyable. All are from either New Jersey or New York:

"Dam" project on Lake Solitude in High Bridge, NJ:

That's some impressive driveway off of Route 513 in Califon, NJ:

Quite an impressive "dwelling" in Middle Valley, NJ:

The bustling metropolis of Long Valley, NJ:

Removal of the Netcong, NJ traffic circle; to be completed in about two long years:

Everyone's going Solar these days, and Prudent Publishing in Landing, NJ is no exception:

Excavation of a quarry in Landing, NJ:

These next (3) photos are of the Lake Mohawk Country Club / White Deer Plaza in Sparta, NJ, on the northern shore of Lake Mohawk:

A peninsula jutting out into Lake Mohawk, on the northern shore:

Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, NJ:

A qaurry just north of the museum featured above:

This used to be Hugh Hefner's Great Gorge Playboy Club, closed in the 1980's and sold to new owners, though it looks to be closed permanently:

New construction at the base of the Vernon/McAfee, NJ ski slopes:

Now we fly into southern New York, and first up are the many hundred acres of Onion Fields that carpet the area near Florida, NY:

This area is known for its rich, black, fertile dirt (known as the Black Dirt Region), perfect for growing onions (or so I assume):

Acres upon acres of black dirt and a "gazillion" onions beneath:

I liked the architecture of this prison/correctional facility complex near Middletown, NY:

Some kind of a race track (cars, horses, goats, cows, etc.) near Middletown, NJ:

Ah, the Christmas shopping season is upon us as you will see in these next few photos of a bustling Middletown, NY shopping area:

Galleria at Crystal Run shopping mall in Middletown, NY:

Go ahead, try and find a parking spot:

Randall airport just south of Middletown, NY:

Intersection of I-84 and Route 6/17M in Middletown, NY:

Ah, back over the Garden State, and looking east at I-80 snaking through the hills north of Hackettstown, NJ:

A tightly packed array of homes/townhomes north of Hackettstown, NJ:

Another Solar Field, owned and operated by the M&M/Mars company in Hackettstown, NJ:

These next two photos are of Hackettstown, NJ

Earthen depressions south of Hackettstown, NJ; kind of looks like mini cranberry bogs:

New construction deep in the woods near Glen Gardner, NJ; your guess is as good as mine what is being built (something with a curved roof):

Fanciful patterns cut into the brush behind homes near Califon, NJ:

The High Bridge Hills golf course in High Bridge, NJ:

Residential homes on the eastern shore of the Spruce Run Reservoir in Clinton, NJ:

And last but not least is the sprawling complex of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton, NJ:

Whoa, what a flight. A bit bumpy at times and a headwind we just couldn't shake. Still though, a small price to pay for such incredible visibility as far as the eye could see, complete with unobstructed views of the Catskill mountain range (sorry, no pictures of this) all the way from northern New Jersey.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos as much as I have enjoyed shooting them....I am truly blessed to be able to share these flights with my Father, who was once a pilot himself. We work as a team to bring you these photos (and now HD videos on my website - click HERE for these). We are always looking forward to the next flight and where it will take us. Stay tuned for many more flights we have planned for the future.

See you on the next Flight....