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Monday, April 30, 2012

From a Flight on Saturday, April 28, 2012...

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Today's flight was a bit turbulent at 2,000 feet, what with the cool temperature, the heating of the sun and the approaching weather system from the west.  Regardless, the trees looked very beautiful as the budding leaves are now showing, as well as many other colors representative of this time of year.  As always, I hope you enjoy... 


Hoffman park in Hampton, NJ

Farm fields near Clinton, NJ

Solar field off of Route 31 in Glen Gardner, NJ

Columbia Trail (rail trail) bridge over the south branch of the Raritan river amongst beautiful greenery in Annandale, NJ

Solar array atop the Toys 'R' Us distribution center in Flanders, NJ

Blue Crest Farm mid-way between Middle Valley & Long Valley, NJ

Bus parking lot, school & athletic fields in Long Valley, NJ

Tree-line winding road throughout a housing development in Long Valley, NJ
Solar array atop and surrounding the Prudent Publishing Company in Landing, NJ
Transformation of the Netcong traffic circle into a "ginormous" traffic-light controlled intersection in Netcong, NJ

Former Booton Radio (ARC) airfield (now only athletic fields) in Boonton, NJ

These next (7) photos feature residential affluence at its best, with each of these personal palaces in the Mendham / Bernardsville / Far Hills area of NJ


These next (5) photos feature the pharmaceutical company Merck, with its sprawling property featuring a solar field, under-building parking and three heli-ports, all within a spectacular landscape in Whitehouse Station, NJ


These next (2) photos show the Exxon / Mobil Corporation Clinton Research Facility with the Round Valley reservoir in the distance, Clinton, NJ


Lush fields belonging to Exxon / Mobil (see above)

And last but not least, a horse ranch near Pittstown, NJ

Thanks for Flying along, and we'll see you after the next Flight !!!