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Monday, May 7, 2012

From a Flight on Sunday, May 6, 2012...

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The weather was ever changing today, only this time for the better, with clearing skies from the southeast.  Yes, a rather unusual pattern, but we weren't complaining as the sun finally prevailed by late afternoon and we were treated to many fresh Spring colors amongst the rolling hills of western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.  As always, I sincerely hope you enjoy this, as well as all of my Flight Highlight posts:


Fresh Spring greenery at a nursery near Pittstown, NJ
An estate home overlooking Round Valley reservoir and Route 31 near Pittstown, NJ
An unknown activities complex near Pittstown, NJ
Town homes amidst rolling green hills near Clinton, NJ
Immaculate Conception Church in Annandale, NJ
Tightly packed town house development in Lebanon, NJ
Senior housing complex adjacent to I-78 in Lebanon, NJ
One of many private estates to come, this one near Cokesbury, NJ

Pockmarked rolling hills with large homes nestled within the foliage, near Cokesbury, NJ
Ninety Acres Restaurant in Peapack-Gladstone, NJ


These next (6) photos feature opulent estate homes in the Far Hills / Gladstone / Peapack towns of NJ, and even one still under construction:

Pharmaceutical company between I-287 & Route 206 in Bridgewater, NJ
Somerset airport in Bedminster, NJ
An unlisted private airstrip on the approach to Solberg (N51) airport's runway 22 in Readington, NJ

Route 22 through Phillipsburg, NJ with Easton, PA in the distance
A cookie-cutter housing development in Phillipsburg, NJ
A recently built parking lot and building in the middle of a plowed field; your guess is as good as mine as to what this was built for.  This unknown establishment is located at the cross roads of Route 33 and Freemansburg avenue in Easton, PA (just north I-78 in the next picture; note the brown dirt field)

Route 33 bridge off of I-78 in Easton, PA
A massive junkyard amidst lush greenery near Hellertown, PA
The relatively small fire burning in this person's backyard in Quakertown, PA could be seen from the town of Easton, PA as it produced an enormous amount of smoke
Modest housing development in Quakertown, PA
Boating slips on Lake Nockamixon east of Quakertown, PA
Cement / Concrete facility near Ottsville, PA

 These next (2) photos are of a wedge-shaped solar farm in Kingwood, NJ

Many farms in Hunterdon county, NJ are pristine and well taken care of - This one is NOT one of them (location is west of Pittstown, NJ)
And finally, another opulent estate home to drool over in your hopes of winning the lottery

See you after the next Flight !!!