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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From a Flight on Sunday, June 10, 2012...

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This is Part 2 of an incredible weekend of aviating.  Today, June 10th, 2012, I was flying southeast to Robert J. Miller Airpark in Toms River, NJ to take my Mom for a flight around the area.  Next was to fly back northwest to Trenton-Robbinsville airport and take Pops for a flight around the patch, finally returning home in the late afternoon before the thunderstorms crept in.  The air was very still and this lasted for most of the day; a rarity indeed...

As always, I hope you enjoy "The View from Above"


#1 - Town of Princeton, NJ, with the University on the right


These next (6) photos are of Princeton University in Princeton, NJ







#8 - Solar field under construction adjacent to Princeton University

#9 - The newly completed University Medical Center of Princeton located at the intersection of Route 1 and Scudders Mill road in Plainsboro, NJ

#10 - New Exit 8 interchange of the New Jersey Turnpike as they expand it by adding truck lanes on both the north and southbound sides

#11 - I thought the brownish/yellow field contrasted nicely with the row of pines bordering it and the green grass around the homes near Jamesburg, NJ

#12 - A lush shrub and tree nursery near Jamesburg, NJ

#13 - St. Aloysius church in Jackson, NJ

#14 - The town of Lakewood, NJ, looking north with lake Carsaljo to the left

#15 - Minor league baseball stadium in Lakewood, NJ

#16 - Lakewood airport, NJ, looking northeast

#17 - Operations area and aircraft tie-downs at Lakewood airport

#18 - Hangars 5 and 6 at Lakehurst Naval Base in Lakehurst, NJ

#19 - Interesting shapes cut so cleanly in the woods behind Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ

These next (10) photos are of Six Flags Great Adventure and nearby Hurricane Harbor water park in Jackson, NJ


#21 - The Hurricane Harbor water park sporting a packed parking lot

#22 - Folks cooling off in the wave pool

#23 - Colorful, aren't they !!!

#24 - Back to Great Adventure theme park, one of Nitro's trains climbs the lift hill

#25 - Sawmill Log Flume (upper-left) and El Toro wooden coaster (center)

#26 - Green Lantern coaster (green track) and Superman: Ultimate Flight coaster (red track)

#27 - This and the next (2) photos are of Sky Screamer, Great Adventure's newest Family Thrill Ride; (See my May 17th Opening Day Media Event coverage HERE) !!!


FUN !!!

#30 - Immaculate horse track and fields near Allentown, NJ

#31 - Exit 7A of the New Jersey Turnpike under construction as new Truck Lanes are added

#32 - Samuel J. Plumeri, Sr. Waterfront Park Stadium on the Delaware river in Trenton, NJ

#33 - Notice how Route 29 (John Fitch way) passes underneath Waterfront Park in Trenton, NJ

#34 - Waterfront Park extends the entire length of the Route 29 underpass

#35 - The most colorful mini-golf course I have ever seen is near Langhorne, PAIf anyone knows exactly where this is, please Email me -  Thanks !!!

#36 - Trenton-Robbinsville airport in Robbinsville, NJ, near the Miry Run golf course

#37 - Many solar collectors doing their job atop a multitude of warehouses near exit 7A of the New Jersey Turnpike near Allentown, NJ

#38 - The architect(s) who laid out these office buildings surely got an A+ in geometry

#39 - Traffic circle along Route 1 in Princeton, NJ as it crosses Route 526 and 571

#40 - I didn't have a headache at the time I flew over, but I always knew where to find some GIANT Bayer Aspirin tablets.  Seriously though, storage tanks near Hopewell, NJ

#41 - Princeton airport, midway between the towns of Rocky Hill and Princeton, NJ

#42 - Round Valley State Park recreation area and beach (looking south) in Lebanon, NJ

#43 - Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility in Lebanon, NJ

#44 - This correctional facility is really a beautiful campus, too bad it's not better utilized for a Boy Scout camp on something along those lines

#45 - Custom Alloy in High Bridge, NJ

#46 - Historic town of Clinton, NJ

#47 - Many tourists love to stroll around this lovely, historic town of Clinton in Hunterdon County, NJ, complete with its own Mill museum and grounds

See you after the next Flight...