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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From a Flight on Sunday, August 12, 2012...

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Welcome to my 2012 Mega-Summer-Posting of Aerial Images,
127 to be exact, from a flight south along the "Jersey Shore".

You may have seen my previous postings from the Jersey Shore,
but none compares to this all encompassing array of aerial photos from
one of New Jersey's most popular scenic areas and tourist destinations.

Perhaps some of you already know that I share the majority of my flights with my Father,
and today's flight was no exception.  Together we've been flying along the Jersey Shore for
over 20 years now and today is by far the most crowded we ever remember seeing it.

Our flight begins at the Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook as we fly south along the beach towns
of Asbury Park and Point Pleasant, to name a few, then turn west to Lakehurst Naval Base
and a colorful circus tent near Miller Airpark in Toms River, NJ.  Next is a return trip east to join up with Island Beach State Park and the ever impressive Tice's Shoal as we again fly south past Long Beach Island, around Atlantic City and finally to Cape May.  After fueling-up, we are back in the air for a return trip home, only this time it's a direct route over land, the Delaware river and a few towns in Pennsylvania.

I hope you enjoy my selection of Aerial Photos !!!


#1 - Garden State Parkway / Route 9 and 35 bridges over the Raritan river near Perth Amboy

#2 - Raritan Bay / Arthur Kill near Perth Amboy, looking north at the Outer Bridge Crossing

#3 - Sandy Hook beach looking west at the Raritan Bay

#4 - Sandy Hook beach looking southwest

#5 - Sandy Hook beach and the Sea Gull's Nest restaurant (top)

#6 - Sandy Hook beach looking west at the vast Raritan Bay

#7 - Route 36 bridge with bumper-to-bumper traffic into Sandy Hook National Park

#8 -Route 36 north/south along the beach and the Route 520 bridge in Rumson

#9 - Just look at the crowds all along the Jersey Shore

#10 - An area between Long Branch and Asbury Park
#11 - One of the many beach front hotels between Long Branch and Asbury Park

#12 - Area between Long Branch and Asbury Park

#13 - Area between Long Branch and Asbury Park

#14 - Northern end of the newly refurbished Asbury Park boardwalk

#15 - One of the many Parasail operations; this one near Asbury park

#16 - Asbury Park boardwalk

#17 - Asbury Park boardwalk; Notice the footprint where the famous Casino once stood

#18 - Asbury Park; Note that the Palace Amusements used to reside where the green patch of grass is located (center of photo)

#19 - Shark River Inlet at "Avon by the Sea"

#20 - Silver Lake in Belmar

#21 - Area between Belmar and Point Pleasant

#22 - A fancy guest home/hotel between Belmar and Point Pleasant

#23 - Hotel with many tennis courts between Belmar and Point Pleasant

#24 - Another fancy hotel between Belmar and Point Pleasant

#25 - As you can see, Point Pleasant beach and Jenkinsons is very popular

#26 - Jenkinsons at Point Pleasant Beach; WOW, where's the sand?

#27 - Jenkinsons

#28 - Jenkinsons boardwalk in Point Pleasant

#29 - Jenkinsons boardwalk in Point Pleasant

#30 - Parasail operation near Point Pleasant

#31 - Looking north at the Manasquan Inlet near Point Pleasant; This is where we turned west

#32 - NJ Transit rail line turnaround at Bay Head

#33 - Flying past a stray cloud at about 2,000 feet, looking southeast towards Mantoloking
The following (4) photos are of the former Lakehurst Naval Air Station,
now known as the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

#34 - Hangar One (left)

#35 - Hangar One (left)

#36 - Hangars Five and Six

#37 - An overview of the Lakehurst portion of the base looking east

#38 - A circus is in town, this one adjacent to R.J. Miller Airpark near Whiting

#39 - Trixies Landing; This is where our family went crabbing for many summers

#40 - Berkeley Island County Park in Bayville, just past Trixies Landing

#41 - One of Island Beach State Park's beach pavilion parking lots, still full at 2 PM

The following (12) photos are of an area known mainly to boaters as Tices Shoal,
located on the Barnegat Bay adjacent to Island Beach State Park.
Just like I was mentioning about the beaches being the most crowded we
have ever seen them, well, Tices Shoal is no exception !!!

#42 - Tices Shoal and the white, sandy beach of Island Beach State Park

#43 - Wall to wall boats line up at Tices Shoal

#44 - Tices Shoal

#45 - Tices Shoal

#46 - Tices Shoal

#47 - Tices Shoal

#48 - Tices Shoal

#49 - Tices Shoal

#50 - Tices Shoal

#51 - Tices Shoal

#52 - Tices Shoal

#53 - Tices Shoal and the white, sandy beach of Island Beach State Park, looking north


#54 - Southern tip of Island Beach State Park at the Barnegat Inlet

#55 - Barnegat Inlet [Long Beach Island (left) and Island Beach State Park (right)]

#56 - Barnegat Lighthouse on the Barnegat Inlet

#57 - Long Beach Island

#58 - Long Beach Island

#59 - The most prominent structure on the beach in Brigantine

#60 - The most prominent structure in Brigantine, in a bit more detail

#61 - Southern tip of Brigantine beach, across the inlet from Atlantic City

The following (27) photos feature Atlantic City, a prominent beach, boardwalk
and gambling playground along the Jersey Shore.  We flew around the
western end of the city and north along the boardwalk, turned 180 degrees,
then flew back south on our way to Cape May.

#62 - Northernmost area of Atlantic City

#63 - Looking southeast across Atlantic City

#64 - Harrah's Resort complex

#65 - Harrah's Resort (near), Golden Nugget (left-center) and The Borgata (right-center)

#66 - Looking east at a Wind Farm and Harrah's, Golden Nugget and Borgata casinos

#67 - Looking east along the Atlantic City Expressway

#68 - Looking east as the Atlantic City Expressway and passenger rail line enters the city

#69 - The former Bader airfield, unfortunately closed for political reasons

#70 - Looking north along the Atlantic City strip

#71 - An area south of the Atlantic City casinos and boardwalk

#72 - Looking north along the Atlantic City beach and boardwalk

#73 - Atlantic City resorts and casinos on the boardwalk

#74 - Atlantic City resorts and casinos on the boardwalk

#75 - Caesars and Bally's resort/casino on the Atlantic City boardwalk

#76 - This is Revel, the newest mega-resort, casino and spa on the boardwalk

#77 - Revel; just look at how narrow that building is

#78 - Balcony areas of the Revel, complete with a pool, grass and palm trees

#79 - Revel with other resorts/casinos, looking southwest

#80 - This building is at the northernmost point of the Atlantic City boardwalk

#81 -The new Revel simply dwarfs the Showboat casino next door

#82 - Another fascinating view of the sleek and slender Revel building, with its massive casino, resort, extensive balconies and parking garage below

#83 - Mirrored windows on the Revel as well as a giant, white ball; ping-pong anyone?

#84 -An alternate view of Harrah's Resort and Golden Nugget, looking west from the beach

#85 - Borgata (left) and The Water Club (right), looking west from the beach

#86 - The Pier Shops at Caesars on its own pier, jutting out from the boardwalk

#87 - The Tropicana Marketplace / Hotel / Resort / Casino on the Atlantic City boardwalk

#88 - You can see the close proximity of the former Bader airfield to the boardwalk.  Dad and I landed there before it closed and enjoyed a short walk to the Atlantic City boardwalk.

#89 - A beach full of surf boards and the like, near Ocean City

#90 - A crowded beach north of Ocean City

#91 - Colorful beach umbrellas north of Ocean City

#92 - Ocean City beach and boardwalk; again, where's the sand?

#93 - Ocean City beach and boardwalk

#94 - A new Route 52 bridge into Ocean City

#95 - White, sandy beach near Corsons Inlet State Park

#96 - Boaters gather at Corsons Inlet State Park

#97 - These boaters gather near Strathmere and the Route 619 bridge

#98 - Marshland near Strathmere, looking west

#99 - A lone, colorful sail boat on the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Sea Isle City

#100 - A prominent sandbar adjacent to North Wildwood

#101 - Many boaters call this sandbar a playground near North Wildwood

#102 - North Wildwood beach

#103 - Just look at the sprawling Wildwood beach

#104 - A mighty impressive crowd of beach goers in Wildwood

#105 - Morey's piers and boardwalk in Wildwood

#106 - One of Morey's piers and boardwalk in Wildwood

#107 - The Great White roller coaster in Wildwood

#108 - This building is just south of Morey's piers in Wildwood

#109 - Wildwood ends abruptly at the US Coast Guard Reservation

#110 - As we fly around the southern tip of New Jersey we spot Cape May

#111 - Hotels and white tent boardwalk vendors in Cape May

#112 - Colorful beach umbrellas and tents in Cape May

#113 - Looking north from the Cape May beach

#114 - Now flying north along the western shore of Cape May and looking east along the Cape May Canal

#115 - The Lewes Ferry terminal with ferries to Delaware

#116 - Looking west at Delaware Bay marshland on the northern shore of the Delaware Bay
Now it's back over land on a direct course back home to Hunterdon County, New Jersey,
taking us over the Delaware river and a few towns in eastern Pennsylvania

#117 - Intersection of Route 73 and 70 in Marlton, NJ

#118 - Housing development near Marlton, NJ

#119 - Shopping center at the intersection of Route 38 and I-295 in Mt. Laurel, NJ

#120 - Scenic town of Bristol, PA, on the Delaware river

#121 - The former 3M airport in Levittown, PA (notice the two intersecting roads that were once runways; one of them is named Runway road)

#122 - Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA

#123 - That was one crowded Place...Sesame Place that is.  Look, there's Oscar !!!

#124 - Intersection of I-95 and Route 1 in Langhorne, PA

#125 - Historic town of New Hope, PA, on the Delaware river

#126 - Train station in New Hope, PA

#127 - And finally, the Famous River Hot Dog Man snack bar on Adventure Island in Frenchtown, NJ, for all folks tubing and rafting and in search of some refreshments while floating down the Delaware river

As always, see you after the next flight, and enjoy the rest of your Summer !!!