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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, April 28, 2013...

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Today's flight encompassed northern New Jersey and the Lower Hudson Valley of New York.  On the return trip, we flew south along the Hudson river past West Point military academy.
It was an unusually hazy and turbulent flying day, but the impressive views
made-up for these conditions. 

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above !!!


#1 - Sprawling estate northwest of Pittstown, NJ

#2 - Unusually shaped home north of Clinton, NJ

#3 - "Crop-Circles", or not, near Washington, NJ

#4 - Wow, what an entrance to this home north of Washington, NJ

#5 - Looks like someone has plans for a hillside housing development just west of Hackettstown, NJ

#6 - Eastern most section of Panther Valley country club and housing development, north of Hackettstown, NJ

#7 - Just another pretty farm in rural northwest NJ

#8 - A new solar field and industrial complex under construction near Franklin, NJ

#9 - Vast orchards, looking east towards the Hudson river south Poughkeepsie, NY

#10 - Cement plant along the Hudson river south of Poughkeepsie, NY

 The following (3) photos are of a small island smack-dab in the middle of the Hudson river, just south of Newburgh, NY, between Storm King & Hudson Highlands State Parks.  The ruins of an old castle are still present, as well as other structures.


#14 - Terraced housing units south of West Point military academy

#15 - West Point military academy, NY, along the Hudson river

#16 - Indian Point nuclear power generating station

#17 - This photo and the next show an area north of Suffern, NY.  Within the rugged and hilly terrain, there exists a circular structure with a dilapidated roof.  Your guess is as good as mine as to just what this was used for, as there are no access roads that I can see.

#18 - Just what was this silo-top, look-a-like structure used for ???

#19 - Clay Pigeon shooting range within Ringwood Manor State Park in Ringwood, NJ
The following (5) photos are of New Jersey Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ





#25 - This area looks like a Paint-Ball course just west of Butler, NJ; I could be wrong though ???

#26 - Circular housing development near Dover, NJ

#27 - Many new solar panel-topped roofs were added to Morris County College's parking lots

#28 - A close-up of these parking lot solar panel structures

#29 - A colorful sports and activities field near Berdardsville, NJ

#30 - A private residence for someone that hates sharp corners
 The following (4) photos are of private estates around the Bedminster/Bernardsville, NJ area



#35 - A cluster of square-shaped buildings

#36 - Golf Course around the Bedminster/Bernardsville, NJ area

#37 - Large, private home perched on a hill, south of Califon, NJ

#38 - I really like this fancy, compact private residence, complete with house, garage/guest house, barn, farm field, well-manicured and landscaped grounds and in-ground pool, along with a highway of a driveway to boot...NICE !!!

#39 - Well manicured grounds surrounding four private residencies atop a hill, south of the town of High Bridge, NJ, overlooking Clinton and areas southwest

#40 - This same four-home layout in Photo #39

#41 - Housing development protruding into the Spruce Run reservoir in Clinton, NJ

#42 - Boat marina within Spruce Run State Park in Clinton, NJ

#43 - Public beach and campground peninsula within Spruce Run State Park

#44 - And last but not least, a ground-based photo of "Mushrooms" carved-out of tree stumps, which I have never seen before.  These exist at our home-base airport adjacent to the runway...

See you after the next Flight...