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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, July 7, 2013...

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Welcome to a Cloud Fest of aerial imagery.  Sunday was THE perfect day for flying amongst the moisture puffs over northern and central New Jersey.  Bases were at around 4,000 feet with tops no higher than 7,000, well within reach of our Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  We were
treated to a plethora of visual delights with some fascinating cloud formations.
These and more, a total of 80 photos in all,  from the
Jersey Shore and around the Garden State.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...


#1 - Lonely puff over northern NJ

#2 - An ominous early morning cloud lingers over the Appalachian ridge,
south of the Delaware Water Gap

#3 - Pretty, cloud-filled skies abound

#4 - Double cloud shadows near the Delaware Water Gap


#6 - Endless clouds to weave our way through

#7 - Trinca airport in Andover

#8 -Netcong and Lake Musconetcong

#9 - Construction is nearly complete of the Netcong Circle's transformation
into yes, another massive traffic light-controlled intersection

#10 - Lake Hopatcong

#11 - Morristown airport in the distance

#12 - Private estate near Basking Ridge

#13 - Another estate, nicely landscaped at that, and also near Basking Ridge

#14 - New construction in Somerset

#15 - Rutgers stadium in Piscataway

#16 - A solar panel-covered parking lot/deck in New Brunswick

#17 - New Brunswick and Route 18, looking northwest

#18 - New Brunswick

#19 - New Brunswick

#20 - Passenger rail line viaduct over the Raritan river in New Brunswick

#21 - New Jersey Turnpike (exit 9) and Route 18 interchange in East Brunswick

#22 - Raritan river as it winds its' way eastward

#23 - Muffin pan, err, I mean waste water treatment facility in Sayreville

#24 - Driscoll bridge (Garden State Parkway; left) and Edison bridge (Route 9),
in South Amboy

#25 - Driscoll and Edison bridges

#26 - Earle Naval Weapons Station pier near the Atlantic Highlands
with three ships present

#27 - Here are two of the ships at Earle in more detail

#28 - The now defunct Sandy Hook Proving Grounds; aka Fort Hancock

#29 - Fort Hancock and the Sandy Hook lighthouse

#30 - Sandy Hook lighthouse

#31 - Sandy Hook Coast Guard station

#32 - One of the many areas of Sandy Hook off-limits to the public (center)

#33 - A packed parking lot/beach on Sandy Hook, this one near
the Seagull's Nest restaurant

#34 - An impressive condo/hotel/beach/boardwalk complex along the Jersey Shore,
this one near Sea Bright

#35 - Colorful beach goers near Sea Bright

#36 - Beachfront dwellings with terracotta-tiled roofs near Sea Bright

#37 - Ah, the Jersey Shore, looking south at Long Branch and Asbury Park

#38 - The NEW Asbury Park boardwalk/beach area

#39 - We spotted some kind of dredger vessel that looked interesting

#40 - Looking south at Point Pleasant and the warm and friendly shoreline

#41 - Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant

#42 - Jenkinson's was uber-packed, most likely due to
Seaside not being completely up and running

#43 - Casino Pier (north end) in Seaside Heights, still under re-construction

#44 - It looks as though a temporary pier for the crane has been fabricated to
aid in the re-construction of Casino Pier

#45 - Seaside Heights beach between Casino and Funtown Piers

#46 - Funtown Pier (south end)

#47 - Notice no new construction on Funtown Pier has commenced,
though it is not scheduled to re-open until 2014

#48 - Seaside Heights, Pelican Island and the
Route 37 / Barnegat Bay bridge in the distance

#49 - Route 37 / Barnegat Bay bridge

#50 - The distinctive line between Seaside Heights/Park and
Island Beach State Park

#51 - Island Beach State Park extending to the south

#52 - Already, at only 2PM, the Garden State Parkway
northbound is bumper-to-bumper as far as one can
see to both the north and south

#53 - Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station (looking southwest)

#54 - An enormous sand and gravel excavation area near Lakehurst

#55 - What looks like rope lighting is really a senior housing complex in Jackson,
with a golf course winding its' way throughout

These next (23) photos are only of Cloud formations that we witnessed
on our return flight home.  Only the more prominent ones I have commented on.






#61 - It's amazing how some clouds jut out from the others







#68 - These formations are near Princeton, and you can see Lake Carnegie
and the Delaware-Raritan canal


#70 - This formation was creepy...It was like a giant 'fog' or ghost cloud
amongst its rather normal looking and friendly neighbors

#71 - Looking out past our 180 hp Lycoming engine,
pulling us through the sky at 130 mph








These last (2) photos show the town of Clinton, in Hunterdon county



See you after the next flight....