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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, August 11, 2013...

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Today's flight took us to Cape May, NJ, then north along the Jersey Shore past the towns of Wildwood, Atlantic City and Long Beach Island, to name a few.  (72) photos depicting what summer at the shore is all about await your perusal.  All photos from the day's flight
were shot within the state of New Jersey.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...


#1 - Columbus Farmers Market in Columbus

#2 - This is picturesque southern New Jersey,
despite the image the Garden State gets by
visitors flying into Newark airport
#3 - Looks like an old golf course, or one that
was never fully developed into one

#4 - Wildwood's super wide beach
packed with beach goers

#5 - Water slide complex at Wildwood

#6 - Amusement pier at Wildwood

#7 - Amusement pier at Wildwood

#8 - A colorful contrast to the bland,
moist sandy beach at Wildwood

#9- Homes amidst the marshes near Avalon

#10 - Sign towing plane over the Jersey Shore

#11 - More homes and boats and
homes and boats....all in Sea Isle City

#12 - Hotel/Condos near Ocean City

#13 - Waterway road in Ocean City

#14 - Ocean City airport looking west
at Beasley's Point Generating Station

#15 - Ocean City boardwalk and amusement area

#16 - Ocean City boardwalk and amusements

#17 - Ocean City beach, boardwalk, airport and
Beasley's Point, looking southwest

#18 - Hotel/Condos at the northern end
of Ocean City's boardwalk

#19 - Lucy the Elephant in Margate, just south of Atlantic City

#20 - Atlantic City

#21 - Trump casino along the Atlantic City boardwalk

#22 - Bally's and The Claridge casinos along
the Atlantic City boardwalk

#23 - Trump Taj Mahal, Showboat and
the newest casino, Revel

#24 - Steel Pier amusements in Atlantic City

#25 - Trump Taj Mahal and Showboat casinos
along the Atlantic City boardwalk

#26 - The intricately and lavishly designed
Revel Resort in Atlantic City

#27 - A concert of some sorts is taking
place at the Revel (lower right)

#28 - Look at the enormous real estate
the Revel encompasses

#29 - Inlet north of Atlantic City with the Borgata
and other casinos in the distance

#30 - No man's land between Brigantine
and Long Beach Island

#31 - This no man's land is home to
some very beautiful marshland

#32 - The colors and patterns I find fascinating

#33 - These few boaters are enjoying
their own sandbar

#34 - Mystic Islands (hey, it's on the map, look it up)

#35 - The 20 mile long....Long Beach Island

#36 - And Long Beach sure has a colorful water tower

#37 - Sea Shell beach and Resort Club on
Long Beach and within Beach Haven

#38 - Fantasy Island amusement park on Long Beach

#39 - Beach front hotel on Long Beach

#40 - Massive housing development along
the Barnegat Bay in Beach Haven

#41 - Life on Long Beach Island

#42 - Route 72, the only access other
than boat, to Long Beach Island

#43 - Beach restoration in progress

#44 - And how about your own
private beach....No nosy neighbors !

#45 - Northern tip of Long Beach Island
and the Barnegat Inelt

#46 - Island Beach State Park

#47 - Barnegat Inlet

#48 - Tice's Shoal on the bay side of
Island Beach State Park

#49 - Tice's Shoal

#50 - Tice's Shoal cross-over to the beach

#51 - Picturesque flickering of Barnegat Bay
in the sunlight at Tice's Shoal

#52 - Casino Pier rebuild at Seaside
moving along nicely

#53 - New boardwalk under construction with
the still devastate homes of Lavallette

#54 - The only patch of green amidst
asphalt, homes and autos near Lavallette

#55 - Ocean Beach homes in Lavallette

#56 - Dutchmans Point road in Mantaloking

#57 - Ah, the Jersey Shore's white, sandy beach

#58 - Lakewood industrial park with
Lakewood airport in the distance

#59 - Metedeconk National Golf Club in Jackson

#60 - Hurricane Harbor water park
adjacent to Six Flags Great Adventure

#61 - Colorful water slides in Hurricane Harbor

#62 - Hurricane Harbor (top) and parking lot
of Great Adventure theme park
#63 - An impressive array of some
of Great Adventure's coasters

#64 - The newest attraction, Safari
Off-Road Adventure, had a mind-blowing line
which must've taken hours

#65 - The colorful Sky Screamer spike
adjacent to the Big Wheel

#66 - Prospertown Lake, Great Adventure
and Hurricane Harbor with Route 537
to the left (looking northeast)

#67 - Safari Off-Road Adventure
mid-way point, Camp Aventura
#68 - Here you can see the loading station
where guests board the truck for a
wild ride back to the theme park

#69 - Tree nursery near Princeton

#70 - Abandoned facility near the
Quakerbridge Mall, south of Princeton

#71 - Another abandoned facility,
this one near Hopewell

#72 - And last but certainly not least...
I have no clue what's on this field ???

See you after the next Flight...