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Thursday, September 12, 2013

From a Flight on Saturday, September 7, 2013 (PART 1 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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The flight on this 7th Saturday of September 2013 was definitely one for the record books, at least in the ones 'm keeping on the highest ever flown in my Cessna Skyhawk; 10,800 feet over Baltimore, Maryland on the second leg of the flight and over 450 photos shot, the most ever for me in one day.

The total journey encompassed 450+ miles and two of the largest cities in the
Northeastern U.S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and of course, Baltimore, Maryland.  Being a photographer, I did not want to be bothered calling each city's airport controlling agency and be directed around airline traffic,
so as usual when shooting large places like New York City and the like,
I spend the time climbing 'over' the city's airport(s) airspace, and today was no different.   I am dividing this day's flight into two parts (1 and 2) due to the amount of photos of each major metropolitan area.

Part 1 is the first leg of the journey, from Hunterdon County in New Jersey, south to areas just east of Trenton, climbing to 8,000 feet over Philadelphia, over to Wilmington, Delaware and finally to a small airport
in northern Delaware for a fuel stop.

Part 2 is the second and third legs from Delaware, climbing to 10,800 feet over Baltimore, then turning north over the vast fields of Delaware, continuing over the expansive Delaware river near southern New Jersey and culminating with some more impressive views closer to home in central New Jersey.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...

PART 1 - Philadelphia (64 Photos)

#1 - Morning clouds in the Delaware
river valley near Frenchtown, NJ

#2 -Traffic STOPPED southbound on
the New Jersey Turnpike near the
Bordentown, NJ rest area

#3 - Philadelphia, PA (right) and
Camden, NJ (left) in the distance
The next (31) photos are of Philadelphia, PA
[description included where appropriate]
#4 - Looking south






#10 - Eastern State Penitentiary

#11 - Philadelphia Museum of Art

#12 - Philadelphia Zoo
(half moon shape on right)

#13 - Looking southeast along
the Schuylkill river

#14 - Rail yard and train station
west of the city

#15 - Looking northeast along
the Delaware river


#17 - Train station west of the city


#19 - It's unbelievable that what you
see is not a rock landscape, but
thousands of people's homes

#20 - Zooming-in a bit, one can just
make out the individual row houses

#21 - Adventure Aquarium and the
the Battleship New Jersey in
Camden, NJ (looking northwest)

#22 - Adventure Aquarium and the
the Battleship New Jersey in
Camden, NJ (looking south)

#23 - Philadelphia Seaport



#26 - Philadelphia Seaport and I-95
(looking south)

#27 - Looking south

#28 - The Benjamin Franklin bridge



#31 - Suburbs of Philadelphia
to the west


#33 - Again, those row houses
are simply incredible to view
from the air

#34 - University of Pennsylvania
Now we break away from the city
itself in the next (3) photos
#35 - Looking northwest along the
Schuylkill river near Conshohocken, PA


#37 - Intersection of I-76 / Route 1
and their respective bridges over
the Schuylkill river

The next (6) photos are of areas south
of the city itself

#38 - Ship yard near the
Walt Whitman bridge

#39 - South Philadelphia
Sports Complex

#40 - Philadelphia Naval
Business Center

#41 - Philadelphia Naval
Business Center

#42 - Two out-of-commission
aircraft carriers and a dry dock
at the Philadelphia Naval
Business Center on the
Delaware river

#43 - Bridge carrying the I-95
Delaware expressway over
the Schuylkill river

The next (5) photos show many views
of Philadelphia International airport

#44 - Looking southeast

#45 - Looking northeast

#46 - Terminal area

#47 - Looking northeast

#48 - Looking north

#49 - One FINAL view of
Philadelphia and surrounding area
(looking north)

#50 - Mobil (tm) refinery in
Paulsboro, NJ

#51 - Spitfire Aerodrome in
Salem County, NJ

#52 - Interchange of I-495
and Route 3 in Wilmington, DE

The next (7) photos are of the city
of Wilmington, Delaware

#53 -Looking southwest




#57 - Wilmington Riverfront Park

#58 - Looking northeast at Wilmington
with the Delaware Memorial bridge
at the upper-right



#60 - A massive Interchange in
New Castle, DE of I-95 and
Routes 141 and 202

#61 - The same interchange above,
plus the interchange of
I-95, I-295, I-495 and Route 202
to the northwest

#62 -The Delaware Memorial bridge
over the Delaware river, linking the
towns of Pennsville, NJ and
New Castle, DE

#63 - New Castle county airport, DE

#64 - Summit airport in
Middletown, DE


See you after the next flight...