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Thursday, September 12, 2013

From a Flight on Saturday, September 7, 2013 (PART 2 - Baltimore, Maryland)

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The flight on this 7th Saturday of September 2013 was definitely one for the record books, at least in the ones I'm keeping on the highest ever flown in my Cessna Skyhawk; 10,800 feet over Baltimore, Maryland on the second leg of the flight and over 450 photos shot, the most ever for me in one day.

The total journey encompassed 450+ miles and two of the largest cities in the
Northeastern U.S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and of course, Baltimore, Maryland.  Being a photographer, I did not want to be bothered calling each city's airport controlling agency and be directed around airline traffic,
so as usual when shooting large places like New York City and the like,
I spend the time climbing 'over' the city's airport(s) airspace, and today was no different.   I am dividing this day's flight into two parts (1 and 2) due to the amount of photos of each major metropolitan area.

Part 1 is the first leg of the journey, from Hunterdon County in New Jersey, south to areas just east of Trenton, climbing to 8,000 feet over Philadelphia, over to Wilmington, Delaware and finally to a small airport
in northern Delaware for a fuel stop.

Part 2 is the second and third legs from Delaware, climbing to 10,800 feet over Baltimore, then turning north over the vast fields of Delaware, continuing over the expansive Delaware river near southern New Jersey and culminating with some more impressive views closer to home in central New Jersey.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...

PART 2 - Baltimore (74 Photos)

#1 - Lonely clouds and their reflection
on the Chesapeake Bay

#2 -The Schuylkill River dumping
into the Chesapeake Bay

#3 - Two rail lines and Route 40
(Pulaski highway) bridges over
the Schuylkill river

#4 - Edgewood, MD and the
Chesapeake Bay (looking southeast)

#5 - The vast Chesapeake Bay

#6 - A heliport within the
Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Military Reservation

#7 - Looking northeast at Middle River
and the northernmost section
of the Chesapeake Bay

#8 - The towns of Middle River and
Bowleys Quarters (looking northeast)

#9 - Glenn L. Martin State Airport
in Middle River, MD

#10 - Looking northeast across
Hawk Cove, part of the
Chesapeake Bay

#11 - The Baltimore Beltway
Outer Loop (I-695) bridge over
the Chesapeake Bay
The next (4) photos are of Baltimore's
more industrious harbor area

#12 - Looking southeast at the
Outer Loop bridge (see above) and
the Dundalk Marine Terminal

#13 - Dundalk Marine Terminal

#14 - Entrances to the Fort McHenry
Tunnel (I-95) and the Harbor
Tunnel Throughway (I-895)

#15 - Point Breeze Industrial Park
The next (20) photos feature the city
of Baltimore, Maryland
[description added where appropriate]

#16 -Baltimore (looking west)

#17 - A very short highway section
of Route 40 exiting the city
of Baltimore

#18 - Northwest Harbor and
the entrance to the Inner Harbor

#19 - Same area as above except
Patterson park is shown in a
densely populated area north
of the city

#20 - Patterson park

#21 - Northwest Harbor

#22 - Fort McHenry National Monument
and Historic Shrine


#24 - Looking southwest at a vast
amount of interstate highways,
with most leading to the
Washington, D.C. area

#25 -Baltimore's Inner Harbor

#26 - The Inner Harbor and the
Interchange of I-95 and I-395,
completely over a section of
the Chesapeake Bay

#27 - The Inner Harbor

#28 - City of Baltimore, MD

#29 - Inner Harbor

#30 - A close-up view of the
Inner Harbor




#34 - M and T Bank Stadium (top) and
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Stadium (bottom) within the
city of Baltimore


#36 - From a distance, the
Baltimore-Washington International


#38 - A newly refurbished highway
interchange of I-95 and I-695,
north of Baltimore, in Rosedale

#39 - A sweeping highway
interchange of I-695 and Route 702
in Essex, MD

#40 - Another view of the
Glenn L. Martin State Airport

#41 - Numerous aircraft hangars
now exist on what used
to be runways

#42 - Looking south at the
Sparrows Point Industrial Complex

(upper-left) and the Black river,
along with Essex Skypark

#43 - Essex Skypark

#44 - One FINAL view of Baltimore
and surrounding areas (looking west)

#45 - Massive waste water treatment
facility northeast of Baltimore
The next (3) photos are of the
Towson, Maryland area, just
north of Baltimore

#46 - City of Towson

#47 - City of Towson

#48 - Mount Pleasant Golf Course
(lower-center), looking north

#49 - Chestertown, MD and the
Chester river, winding its way
through the many scenic fields
that exist there

#50 - Chestertown, MD

#51 - Route 213 bridge over the
Chester river at Chestertown, MD

#52 - A layer of scattered clouds
at 3,000 feet above the
farm fields of Delaware/Maryland

#53 - Delaware Airpark in the
town of Cheswold, DE

#54 - Marshlands on the south shore
of the Delaware river, north
of the city of Dover

#5- Bombay Hook National
Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, DE

#56 - Bombay Hook National
Wildlife Refuge


#58 - Oil / Gas tanker ship
traveling south along the
Delaware river

#59 - The Salem Nuclear
Power Plant in the distance,
near Salem, NJ

#60 - Lush farm fields along the
north shore of the Delaware river
in southern New Jersey

#61 - Bridgeton, NJ

#62 - Bridgeton, NJ

#63 - South Woods State Prison
in Bridgeton, NJ

#64 - Radio-Controlled,
model aircraft flying field
near Bridgeton, NJ

#65 - School buses in Berlin, NJ

#66 - Tractor trailer storage yard
in southern NJ

#67 - Picturesque, flowery
fields in southern NJ


#69 - Solar farm in southern NJ

#70 - Prison complex south
of Bordentown, NJ

#71 - Newer section of the
Bordentown prison complex

#72 - A fair was taking place in
Central Mercer County Park near
Princeton Junction, NJ

#73 - Here you can see the many
carnival-type rides of the
Mercer County Park fair

#74 - And last but not least,
a field and structures within
yet another field...

See you after the next flight...