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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From a Flight on Sunday, August 23, 2015...

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What began as a rather dull looking flight due to
low, dark-bottomed clouds and hazy conditions
to the east, turned into a magnificent flight to the west
over Pennsylvania with high, thin cirrus clouds
and unlimited visibility.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above

We begin our flight over Hunterdon County, NJ

#1 - Private airstrip just southeast
of Pittstown, NJ
The following (4) pictures are of the
4H and Agricultural Fair in Ringoes, NJ
#2 - Looking southeast,
with Route 202 running by



Now we journey into Pennsylvania

#6 - Doylestown airport (KDYL)
in Doylestown, PA

#7 - Bucks County Courthouse
complex in Doylestown, PA

#8 - Town of Doylestown, PA,
looking northeast

#9 - South Main street
in Doylestown, PA

#10 - Train Station in Doylestown, PA,
with trains to Philadelphia

#11 - Mercer Museum and
Fonthill Castle complex
in Doylestown, PA

#12 - Mercer Museum and
Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA

#13 - These structures exist on the
property behind the Ambler Acres
YMCA in Ambler, PA

#14 - Ambler Area YMCA in
Ambler, PA

#15 - The Ambler Area YMCA has
its own outdoor pool and
water slide complex - FUN !!!
The following (6) pictures are of
Hershey Park in Hershey, PA

#16 - Looking south at Hershey Park
and the old Hershey chocolate factory

#17 - East Coast Waterworks at
Hershey Park, PA, are very colorful
and surrounded by an exciting
mix of steel and wooden coasters

#18 - One of many thrilling coasters
at Hershey Park

#19 - It was a full house at
Hershey Park, looking east;
Notice the runway paralleling the
access road to the left? 
This was once Hershey Airpark


#21 - The giant wave pool was
packed on this hot, summer day

#22 - Again, here is what is left
of Hershey Airpark, across the street
from Hershey Park...It's still intact,
though has not seen aircraft
activity in years - SHAME !!!

#23 - Town of Hamburg, PA,
looking northeast

#24 - Many buildings in Hamburg
take on the color red

#25 - Kaercher Creek Park in
Hamburg, PA
#26 - I don't know if this is an actual
farm equipment museum, storage
yard or personal collection, but this
impressive site exists just
west of Allentown, PA

#27 - Again, that is a LOT of
farm equipment / tractors

#28 - Picturesque farm fields west
of Allentown, PA

#29 - Picturesque farm fields west
of Allentown, PA

#30 - Picturesque farm fields west
of Allentown, PA
The following (6) pictures are of
in Allentown, PA

#31 - Looking northeast at Dorney's
impressive selection of coasters

#32 - The main parking lot was full
on this beautiful and hot, summer day

#33 - Looking northeast at the
coasters and Wildwater Kingdom

#34 - Hydra: The Revenge (green)
and Steel Force (red) steel coasters

#35 - Wildwater Kingdom was
crowded today, but not as busy as
we saw on the July 19, 2015 fly-over

#36 - The wave pool was still
rather crowded, especially at
the deep end

See you after the next flight...