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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

From a Flight on Sunday, January 31, 2016...

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Welcome to my first 2016 winter flight.  After a seven week hiatus due to ever changing weather conditions unsuitable for pleasure flying on a Sunday, it felt good to stretch my wings, so to speak.  And with the snow
only partially covering the ground, each view was extremely
pronounced with various dark and light hues and various
shadow present.  All photos were shot within the states
of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above
#1 - Alexandria (N85),
northwest of Pittstown

#2 - Looking north at Round Valley
Reservoir in the distance with
Flemington, NJ to the left,
both in Hunterdon County  

#3 - This landscape is west of
Hillsborough, NJ

#4 - Clusters of town homes in
Hillsborough, NJ

#5 - City of New Brunswick, NJ,
looking north with the Raritan River
to the right

#6 - Interchange of Route 1 and
Ryders Lane in New Brunswick, NJ

#7 - New Jersey Turnpike crossing
the Raritan River in
Highland Park, NJ

#8 - This is all that's left of a factory
in Highland Park, NJ, adjacent to
the New Jersey Turnpike

#9 - Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge (left)
carrying both the Garden State
Parkway and Route 9 along with
the Convery Road / Route 35 Bridge

#10 - Middlesex County Utilities
in South Amboy, NJ

#11 - Cornucopia Cruise Lines in
Perth Amboy on the Raritan River

#12 - Outerbridge Crossing linking
Perth Amboy, NJ (left) with
Staten Island, NY 
#13 - Colorful shipping containers
and white oil tanks north
of Perth Amboy, NJ
#14 - End of the line for Route 440
and the West Shore Expressway in
Staten Island, NY (looking north)

#15 - Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
and Manhattan, New York City, NY
(looking north)

#16 - No, this is not a head of a moose,
but rather the northernmost tip of
The Jersey Shore, Sandy Hook, NJ  

#17 - Winter boat storage near
Sea Bright, NJ

#18 - Jersey Shore homes in Deal, NJ

#19 - The partial snow-covered
ground made for some very intricate
landscapes along the Jersey Shore,
this one Deal, NJ

#20 - Convention Hall on the
Asbury Park, NJ boardwalk

#21 - Casino on the Asbury Park,
NJ boardwalk, once home to the

#22 - Densely packed town homes
adjacent to the Asbury Park, NJ
boardwalk, with Wesley Lake
to the right 

#23 - Fletcher Lake with Ocean Grove
(upper-left) and Bradley Beach,
(lower-right), both along the
Jersey Shore 

#24 - Lake Como midway between
Belmar (left) and Spring Lake (right),
both along The Jersey Shore 

#25 - Crescent Park in Sea Girt, NJ

#26 - Manasquan Inlet with
Point Pleasant, NJ to the right

#27 - Lake Louise along
The Jersey Shore in Point Pleasant, NJ

#28 - Point Pleasant, NJ

#29 - Jenkinson's Aquarium
(left; pink building) and Boardwalk
in Point Pleasant, NJ

#30 - Follow the Finger within
Lake of the Lillies in Point Pleasant
Beach, NJ

#31 - Yes, the Finger points to
The Jersey Shore and Point Pleasant

#32 - Point Pleasant Canal linking
the Manasquan River (top) with
Bay Head Harbor (bottom; not shown),
at the northernmost tip of
the Barnegat Bay   

#33 - The Jersey Shore, looking south
at Lavallette and Seaside Heights

#34 - Icy coves in Mantaloking, NJ

#35 - Chadwick Beach Island,
just north of Seaside Heights, NJ,
along The Jersey Shore

#36 - Middle Sedge adjacent to
Chadwick Beach Island, NJ

#37 - This abandoned home sits
on a spit of land west of
Middle Sedge in the Barnegat Bay

#38 - The abandoned home can be
seen to the center-left, sitting
on a spit of land west of
Middle Sedge in the Barnegat Bay

#39 - Goose Creek flows through
this undeveloped area of
Toms River, NJ

#40 - Circular housing complex
within a checkerboard layout in
Gilford Park, east of Toms River, NJ

#41 - Only a small portion of
Holiday City senior housing complex
in Toms River, NJ (looking south)

#42 - Ocean County Airport (MJX)
in Toms River, NJ

#43 - Goodluck Point in
Toms River, NJ, looking east at
Seaside Heights

#44 - Former ATT building on
Goodluck Point in Toms River, NJ,

part of what used to be a
communications facility;
Read the story HERE  

#45 - Goodluck Point, Barnegat Bay
and the Route 37 bridge crossing from
Toms River to Seaside Heights, NJ  

#46 - The Jersey Shore, from
the entrance to Island Beach
State Park north to Mantaloking
(sorry about the sun glare)

#47 - Route 37 bridge and
Pelican Island in Seaside Heights, NJ

#48 - Looking south at a portion of
Island Beach State Park and the
Barnegat Bay 

#49 - Seaside Heights boardwalk
and Casino Pier (lower) along
The Jersey Shore

#50 - Seaside Heights boardwalk
and Casino Pier (lower) along
The Jersey Shore

#51 - Looking south at the
Barnegat Bay, Pelican Island and
Seaside Heights/Island Beach
State Park, NJ

#52 - Looking south at
Harbor Island, Barnegat Bay and
Pelican Island in Seaside Heights, NJ

#53 - A "pine forest claw" at a
residential complex in Toms River, NJ

#54 - Greenbriar Woodlands
adult community in Toms River, NJ

#55 - Westlake Golf and
Country Club in Jackson, NJ
The following (4) photos are of Six Flags Great Adventure
Theme Park in Jackson, NJ

#56 - Nitro coaster at Six Flags
Great Adventure

#57 - New construction of
"The Joker" free-fly coaster at Six Flags
Great Adventure

#58 - "The Joker" free-fly coaster
construction along Prospertown Lake
at Six Flags Great Adventure  

#59 - The towering "Kingda Ka"
coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure

#60 - Horse farm and small, enclosed
track in Allentown, NJ

#61 - Kube-Pak, growers of fine
garden plants, in Allentown, NJ

#62 - Hamilton Marketplace in
Hamilton Township, NJ, glistens
from all of the snow melt
(looking south, with Route 130
to the right)

#63 - Mercer Lake and Mercer Oaks
Golf in Princeton Junction, NJ

#64 - Mercer Oaks Golf along the
northern shore of Mercer Lake
in Princeton Junction, NJ 

#65 - Looking southwest at all roads
leading to Trenton, NJ, the
State Capitol

#66 - The quiet hamlet of
Point Pleasant, PA, along the
shore of the Delaware River

#67 - New bridge construction over
Tohickon Creek in Point Pleasant, PA

#68 - F.P. Kolbe unique gifts and
accessories in Point Pleasant, PA

#69 - Looking north from
Point Pleasant, PA, along the
Delaware River with
New Jersey to the right 

#70 - Looking south along
Tohickon Creek at Point Pleasant, PA,
and the Delaware River to the left 

#71 - High Rocks Vista within
Ralph Stover State Park along with
Tohickon Creek in Pipersville, PA

#72 - All aircraft are "snowed-in"
at Vansant (9N1) airport
in Erwinna, PA

#73 - Late afternoon sun makes
Lake Nockamixon in Quakertown, PA
come alive with various hues
(looking southwest)

#74 - Volendam Windmill in
Holland Township, NJ

#75 - City of Easton, PA (top and left)
and Phillipsburg, NJ (right) with the
Delaware River dividing the two

#76 - Route 22 toll bridge over
the Delaware River near
Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ

#77 - A patchwork of snow-covered
farm fields north of Nazareth, PA

#78Martins Creek Power Plant
in Martins Creek, PA, along
the Delaware River

#79 - Twin stacks at Martins Creek
Power Plant in Martins Creek, PA

#80 - Mini steam stacks at
Martins Creek Power Plant
 in Martins Creek, PA

#81 - The Kittatinny Mountain Ridge
as seen from just east
of the Delaware Water Gap
looks like a giant "snake" traversing
its way southwest

#82 - An icy Delaware River within
the Delaware Water Gap

#83 - The Delaware Water Gap
with Interstate 80 and the
Delaware River running through
(looking east towards New Jersey) 

#84 - The Delaware Water Gap
with Interstate 80 and the
Delaware River running through
(looking north along the Kittatinny Ridge) 

#85 - Arrow Island on the
Delaware River just east of the
Delaware Water Gap 

#86 - Paulinskill Viaduct, a former
railroad bridge in Hainesburg, NJ

#87 - A creek in northern New Jersey
that could not make up its mind
which direction it wanted to flow

#88 - This farm field in northern
New Jersey comes complete with
a beer bottle and label 

#89 - Unusual shapes of
melting ice on Mountain Lake,
north of Buttzville, NJ

#90 - A sprawling estate in
northern New Jersey

#91 - A narrow junkyard near
Washington, NJ

#92 - Looking southwest along the
valley running from Washington to
Bloomsbury, both towns
in New Jersey

#93 - Tree nursery near
Glen Gardner, NJ
#94 - Spruce Run Lutheran Church
in Glen Gardner, NJ

#95 - Former Hagedorn Psychiatric
Hospital in Glen Gardner, NJ,
now permanently CLOSED

#96 - The small town of
High Bridge, NJ, looking northeast)

#97 - High Bridge, NJ

#98 - Looking south along
Main Street in High Bridge, NJ

#99 - An ice-covered Spruce Run
Reservoir in Clinton, NJ
(looking west)

#100 - Round Valley Reservoir
in Clinton Township, NJ

See you after the next flight...