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Sunday, July 25, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, July 25, 2010...

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This was a short flight today, and it's main purpose other than to have fun was to try and perfect many aerial photo shooting techniques with my new camera. It is because of this, there are only a handful of photos as compared with my last flight a week before. Regardless, I think you will find these interesting and enjoyable.

Let's start out with a ground shot of an impressive year 2007, 4-bladed Jet Ranger helicopter which landed at Alexandria Field in Pittstown, NJ:

A town carnival in Bucks County, PA:

Marina on Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, PA, southeast of Quakertown:

The Delaware river and an impressive amount of Tubes, Kayaks, Canoes and other small but equally enjoyable floating vessels near Point Pleasant, PA:

This area near Point Pleasant, PA seems to be a floating eatery, complete with picnic tables that sit in the 1 foot deep water of the Delaware river. You can see the folks in line and when I zoom in closer using the original high-resolution photo, I can see it reads "Hot Dog Man". I will try and shoot more detailed photos of this area the next time I am over this area as I've never seen anything like this before:

Sand Castle winery in Erwinna, PA, near the Delaware river. It was a full-house this afternoon with folks escaping the heat in the cool, wine cellar tours they provide:

A picturesque farm field in western Hunterdon county, NJ:

A private airstrip in western Hunterdon county:

A private, luxurious dwelling in Hunterdon county:

I hope you've enjoyed this late July flight and be sure to stay tuned for more Highlights in the near future...

Monday, July 19, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, July 18, 2010...

When contacting me about a particular photo(s), always refer to the
Post Date and Photo NumberNote that photos in my older posts
are not numbered and thus you must manually count them so I know which photo you
are referring to.  Photo #1 is always at the top of the posting.


This is a BIG post with a whopping 38 photos, though it was difficult to pick only the "Highlights" from Sunday's flight. The weather was a bit hazy up there, but the pay-off was a smorgasbord of visual delights from none other than the "Jersey Shore", along with other sights from around the Garden State....Please enjoy !!!

Wedge-shaped office buildings off Route 1 in Princeton:

A colorful material yard on Route 130 near Hightstown:

This was the last operating day of the Great American Scream Machine (GASM) coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. It is being removed to make way for a larger attraction for the 2011 operating season:

The massive, wooden coaster El Toro at Great Adventure in Jackson:

Still on the Great Adventure property, this is the newest attraction, Tornado (the giant, multi-colored Funnel) located in their Hurricane Harbor water park adjacent to the theme park:

Hangar 1 (large one on left) and other smaller hangars at the Naval Air Engineering Center in Lakehurst. This is the location where the Hindenburg caught fire and crashed in 1937:

The next FIVE photos feature Tices Shoal, located off of Island Beach State park and near the shore of the Barnegat Bay. This view is looking southwest:

Looking west:

Looking north towards Seaside Park/Heights:

A "Massive" number of watercraft were present in Tices Shoal:

Zooming in a bit further we see many happy boaters enjoying much in the way of water sports:

One of the pavilions with beach lifeguards in Island Beach State park:

Over Island Beach State park, the Jersey Shore (looking south):

Over the entrance to Island Beach State park, the Jersey Shore (looking north):

Funtown pier and amusements @ Seaside Heights:

Boardwalk and the Midway Steak House (yellow roof building) @ Seaside Heights:

Casino amusement pier and boardwalk @ Seaside Heights:

A myriad of beach cottages for rent (and most likely ALL rented for the summer) in Lavallette:

Another view of these cottages, in greater detail:

Boating channel connecting the northern Barnegat Bay with the Manasquan River / Inlet:

A packed beach would be an understatement describing the scene at Point Pleasant:

Point Pleasant beach and Manasquan inlet looking south:

Fishing and pleasure boats @ Point Pleasant, adjacent to many fine seafood restaurants such as the Shrimp Box (top-center):

The newly transformed Asbury Park boardwalk and amusement area, greatly improved for your summertime vacationing pleasure (or so it seems):

Just an interesting building arrangement in the general shape of an arrow, pointing south along the shoreline:

A spectacular condo/townhouse complex with brilliantly, orange colored roofs:

This next condo/townhouse complex even has its own boardwalk, shops, underground parking area and entertainment complex....NICE:

Historic "Twin Lights" in the Atlantic Highlands, looking southwest:

Yup, the same "Twin Lights" (looking northeast):

The Route 36 bridge construction project is nearing completion, but not before backing up traffic for over a mile:

Work continues on the Route 36 bridge as you can see:

From the tip of Sandy Hook, looking south:

A small townhouse community located on the tip of Sandy Hook:

Again, from the tip of Sandy Hook, looking southeast....And note that the housing development above can be seen in the lower-center of this photo:

Sandy Hook and the Raritan Bay looking southeast:

Keansburg amusement park on the north shore of the Raritan Bay:

A section of the Garden State Parkway, complete with local and express lanes, looking south:

And our last highlight is of Rutger's NEW football stadium in New Brunswick....Mighty Pretty:

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this pictorial display of our fun-filled, picturesque and exciting Garden State, better known as New Jersey.

See you on the next flight !!!