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Sunday, November 14, 2010

From a Flight on Sunday, November 14, 2010...

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Each photo in this BLOG entry was shot within the state of New Jersey (Central NJ to be exact). I hope you enjoy the photos I have selected as they represent the beautiful state we live in and often times is overlooked as such:

Round Valley Reservoir in northern Hunterdon County:

Townhouse development in northern Somerset County:

These next (3) photos are of Lakehurst Naval Air Station....

Parachute drop circle:

Aircraft Launch Test Tracks:

Aircraft Launch Test Tracks and main Runway:

Holiday City senior housing development in Toms River:

Some quickly diminishing "Fall Foliage" near Bricktown:

A new water tower to soon replace the existing one located near Lakewood Airport (hence the red and white colors for visibility, though now a bit faded):

Former Parachute Drop Zone @ Lakewood airport:

Lakewood airport:

Magnificent color on these red leafed trees in this small nursery:

Again, incredible red and orange colors in these next (2) photos:

Housing developments near Hightstown in these next (2) photos:

Looks either like a new Corporation or a massive Hotel at the intersection of Route 1 and Scudders Mill road near Princeton:

This next photo shows what happens when a civil engineer flunks out of college and then tries to layout a building complex (ouch)...This should have "Ripleys" museum painted all over it, since many of their buildings are fashioned in this manner.

I can imagine the owner's first visit to the completed complex saying "What Happened" ???

Princeton University Chapel:

A stand of pines amidst deciduous trees that are looking comparatively bare:

Looks like this stand of trees is on "Fire" amidst its neighbors:

And finally, a hot air balloon drifted by after our final landing of the day:

I hope you enjoyed the flight....

See you soon !!!