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Friday, April 22, 2011

From a Flight on Friday, April 22, 2011...

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I have a Whopper of a Picture Post for all of you today. The day was overcast with an approaching front from the west, but the air was relatively smooth and the rain held off until dark. Thirty Three (33) pictures await your eyes to peruse the Spring time beauty that this time of the season holds. I hope you enjoy this selection from today's flight over central & northern New Jersey:

Housing developments in Bridgewater:

Met Life corporation in Bridgewater:

Bridgewater Commons mall:

A colorful Buffalo Wings eating establishment on Route 22 in Bridgewater:

Who's or the NJ Transit train racing northbound ???

The former Johnson & Johnson company (yup, the Band-Aid people) in New Brunswick:

A massive industrial park at the NJ Turnpike Jamesburg exit:

A packed NJ Turnpike (southbound) as the truck and car lanes merge...The construction and widening of the roadway doesn't help, either:

A mini entertainment complex near Six Flags Great Adventure, though not related:

And here is Six Flags Great Adventure:

To the left is the construction site of their newest coaster, the Green Lantern, and to the right is a giant snake, uh, I mean line of people waiting for what I assume is Season Pass processing:

An overall shot of the Green Lantern "Stand-Up" coaster's construction progress, due to open at the end of May:

One of the Bizarro coasters trains being "Toasted" by its giant Flame Throwers:

A forgotten area of Great Adventure, hopefully soon to be invigorated with new life in the way of rides and/or coasters added in the coming years:

An observatory near High Bridge, part of Vorhees State Park:

An unknown tower, possibly a fire tower, near Califon:

This next five pictures feature the massive grounds of the Bejamin Moore paints research & development site in Flanders...They are very into solar energy:

Solar cells over the parking lot:

Many panels of various colors, all being tested and evaluated from exposure to the sun and to the elements:

Another view of the entire Benjamin Moore complex:

A close-up view of the newest of their Solar Farms:

Most likely a new Horse Farm House near Middle Valley:

And would you look at that driveway...Wow, what an entrance:

I hope you've enjoyed these photos as much as I have enjoyed shooting them. And I hope my next Highlight Update arrives sooner than this update did. The winter was long, cold, snowy and windy, but brighter, warmer and more soothing days are ahead of us now. Look out for many more Flight Highlights in the near future....