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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, March 24, 2013...

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This latest selection of Aerial Photos from late March 2013 is a whopper,
and because of this I have grouped them into (3) categories:
central New Jersey, City of Trenton and Seaside Heights, the latter two in NJ as well...
First let's begin with a tour of central New Jersey with a slight detour into Pennsylvania.
And as always, I hope you enjoy the view from above:

#1 - Pipeline construction in Hunterdon county to carry natural gas from Fracking

#2 - Picturesque property on the Sourland Mountain near Flemington

#3 - School with Solar Panel-covered parking lots
#4 - More solar panel-covered lots near Princeton
#5 - This architecturally pleasing corporate layout is also near Princeton
#6 - Re-vamped New Jersey Turnpike exit 8 (Route 33 and Hightstown)

#7 - Nitro coaster @ Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson
#8 - Opening weekend at Great Adventure with a sparse parking lot @ 1 PM

#9 - Soon-to-be demolished Great Adventure Safari toll plaza; The Safari will now be part of your theme park admission, and accessible from within the park itself
#10 - New water slide construction in Hurricane Harbor, adjacent to the theme park

#11 - St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Lakewood

#12 - Lunch anyone ???

#13 - Three uniquely shaped buildings in Brick

#14 - Housing developments afloat, or so it looks like they are, in Brick

#15 - Intricate housing development canals leading to the Barnegat Bay, in Point Pleasant Beach near the Mantaloking bridge

#16 - Mantaloking bridge (Route 528) intersecting with Ocean avenue

#17 - During Hurricane Sandy, this is where the Ocean breached straight through to the Barnegat Bay

#18 - Barren land in Bayville

#19 - This same barren land makes for an interesting landscape

#20 - Water logged farm fields near Lumberton

#21 - Massive greenhouse conglomeration near Lumberton

#22 - Flying 'W' airport in Lumberton

#23 - An unusual island with its own lake, smack dab in the middle of the Delaware river just west of Burlington

#24 - Town of Bristol, Pennsylvania

#25 - Town of Bristol with the color Red prominent along the waterfront

#26 - Pennsylvania Turnpike and the Bristol Bypass (looking west)

#27 - The former 3M airport (note the two intersecting runways that are now roads), in Levittown, Pennsylvania (looking west)

#28 - A massive storage lot for Campers and RVs near Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

#29 - Train yard in Morrisville, Pennsylvania
The following (9) photos are of the College of New Jersey in Trenton





The following (5) photos are of Rider University in Lawrenceville


#44 - The former Twin Pine airport with its grass runway morphed into sports fields

#45 - Only the hangars remain at Twin Pine

#46 - Intersection of Routes 12, 31 and 202 in Flemington

#47 - Liberty Village Premium Outlets in Flemington

#48 - The train was running today (upper-center of photo)
Next up are (10) photos of the city of Trenton, New Jersey and surrounding areas

#1 - Looking south

#2 - Looking south
#3 - Looking west

#4 - Looking west
#5 - Looking north
#9 - New Jersey State House

#10 - New Jersey State House

And last but certainly not least is Seaside Heights with it's famous boardwalk and two amusement areas Casino and Funtown piers, which were decimated in only a few short hours thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Progress is being made in restoring this summer vacation destination but it will take time as you will see below:

#1 - Casino pier (near) /Funtown pier (far)
#2 - Casino pier with coaster still completely intact, sitting in the ocean
#3 - Casino pier and coaster afloat
#4 - Casino pier and lack of boards along the famous boardwalk
#5 - Lots happening in Seaside Heights despite the conditions
#7 - Casino pier (top)
#8 - Casino pier and soon-to-be-rebuilt boardwalk
#9 - Funtown pier was completely destroyed
#10 - Funtown pier
#11 - Funtown pier (near) / Casino pier (far)
#12 - Notice the new boards being added to the existing boardwalk pilings
#13 - Mid-Way Steakhouse awaiting its boardwalk
#14 - Pilings galore
#16 - Overview of Seaside Heights beach and amusement piers (looking southwest)
#17 - Completely decimated boardwalk just north of Casino pier
#18 - Boardwalk (or lack there of) between Casino and Funtown piers
#19 - Here's the coaster in tact just sitting on the ocean floor
#20 - Most all of the rides have been removed from Casino pier
#21 - Casino pier
#22 - Overview of Casino pier and adjacent water park
Thanks for Flying along and see you after the Next Flight...

Happy Easter !!!