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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, July 21, 2013...

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Finally, a much anticipated flight along the south shore of Long Island, New York, from Coney Island to about the mid-way point along Fire Island.  The beaches, as expected, were packed on this very warm and variably overcast day.  Fire Island was more intact than I had expected after Hurricane Sandy, and was fun to photograph the multitude of coastal dwellings interconnected with narrow boardwalks, and all without a car in sight.
A total of (70) photographs await your perusal.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...


#1 - Colorful sports complex near Piscataway, NJ

#2 - Interlocking and architecturally pleasing
building complex near Plainfield, NJ

#3 - Interchange 10 (New Jersey Turnpike and I-287

#4 - The Grover Cleveland service area along
the New Jersey Turnpike

#5 - A TORM tanker from Denmark docked along
the Arthur Kill in NJ

#6 - HESS fuel storage tanks along the
Arthur Kill in NJ

#7 - Massive shopping center and mall
in Staten Island, NY

#8 - Lower Manhattan with the newly built Freedom Tower
standing tall, looking north from Staten Island, NY

#9 - Verrazano bridge (I-278) linking the Upper
and Lower New York Bays
These next (4) photos are of historic Coney Island, New York




#13 - Former Parachute Jump ride


#14 - Rockaway Beach

#15 - Rockaway Beach

#16 - Cross Bay bridge in Far Rockaway

#17 - New housing along Rockaway Beach

#18 - Silver Point County Park with the
Rockaways in the distance

#19 - Colorful beach umbrellas at Long Beach

#20 - Massive beach pavilion at Long Beach

#21 - Re-construction of the boardwalk in
Long Beach after Hurricane Sandy

#22 - Impressive residency in Long Beach

#23 - Jones Beach

#24 - Jones Beach

#25 - Met-Life blimp over Jones Beach

#26 - Robert Moses State Park

#27 - Robert Moses State Park

#28 - Robert Moses causeway

#29 - Monument (much like at Jones Beach) at
Robert Moses State Park

#30 - Robert Moses causeway

#31 - Robert Moses State Park

#32 - Colorful beach goers at Robert Moses State Park

#33 -Sand dune-to-sand dune parked cars at
Robert Moses State Park

#34 - Fire Island lighthouse

#35 - This begins the "Private" road to many
of the homes on Fire Island

#36 - Fire Island (looking southwest)

#37 - Fire Island and the colorful nose of
our Cessna (looking northeast)

#38 - Multicolored Bellport sports complex
in Bellport, NY

#39 - Fire Island (looking northeast) and endless
SUVs dotting the shoreline

#40 - Countless SUVs along one section
of Fire Island

#41 - Nature Preserve with boardwalks through the
marsh on Fire Island

#42 - Community parking lot on Fire Island;
all boats and no cars

#43 - Homes on Fire Island, interconnected with
an array of narrow boardwalks

#44 -More well-to-do homes on Fire Island

#45 - It seems most every home on
Fire Island has a pool

#46 - Hotel and entertainment complex in
one area of Fire Island

#47 - A larger area of homes on Fire Island

#48 - Individual marinas at the end of
each street on Fire Island

#49 - Looking through a sign being towed
near Robert Moses State Park

#50 - Interchange of Robert Moses
causeway and Ocean Parkway

#51 - That same Met-Life blimp, though with
the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop

#52 - Looking south along Ocean Parkway
near Tobay Beach park

#53 - Massive boat/auto parking near Jones Beach

#54 - Jones Beach State Park

#55 - Nikon(TM) Jones Beach Theater

#56 - A packed swimming pool south of Jones Beach

#57 - Colorful round roofs south of Jones Inlet

#58 - Back to the Rockaways and the boardwalk
decimated by Hurricane Sandy...

#59 - ...along with the missing boards

#60 - This area of Rockaway Beach is why we have to fly below 500 ft due to the close proximity to JFK International airport, seen here with a jet taking to the skies
(note the Manhattan skyline and Empire State building in the distance)

#61 - Rockaway Beach

#62 - Lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower,
as seen from Rockaway Beach

#63 - Outer Bridge Crossing (Route 440) over
the Arthur Kill, connecting Staten Island, NY
with Perth Amboy, NJ

#64 - A complex interchange of rail and road
in Perth Amboy, NJ

#65 - Route 35 bridge over the Raritan river
near Perth Amboy, NJ

#66 - Interchange of I-287, with the Garden State
Parkway and Route 9 crossing over the
Raritan river near Perth Amboy, NJ

#67 - Foley(TM) tractors along I-287 in Piscataway, NJ

#68 - A massive automobile holding area in Manville, NJ

#69 - Solberg airport in Readington, NJ

#70 - Family owned farm in northern
Hunterdon county, NJ

See you after the next flight...